Friend has ‘immature’ response to woman’s solo travel plans: ‘Entitled and spoiled’

A woman can’t believe her friend is gatekeeping a country they’ve never even visited.

She shared the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She told her friend she wanted to travel to Greece. Her friend immediately became upset. The friend said that Greece is where her boyfriend planned to propose, so the Reddit poster couldn’t go there first. 

“I am a solo female traveler. I decided today that for my next trip, I wanted to go to Greece,” the Reddit poster explained. “I told my best friend that I was planning on going, then she proceeded to get upset with me. She told me that Greece is supposed to be the place where she and her boyfriend get engaged one day. I already knew this, but I didn’t see the point she was trying to make. She told me it’s ‘their place,’ and if I go before her, then she’d be jealous. She told me that I’m not allowed to go to Greece before she gets to. She said I was being disrespectful to her for wanting to go, and if I went to Greece, then I’d ‘change our friendship.'”

The Reddit poster held her ground, but the friend wouldn’t let it go either. 

“I personally don’t understand why she’s upset about it,” the Reddit poster said. “I don’t think it’s disrespectful of me at all. There’s been plenty of people who’ve been to Greece before her. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to go? I feel as though she’s being controlling and trying to gate-keep a country. We got into an argument about it because I think she’s being immature and petty, whereas she thinks I’m being an inconsiderate friend and being disrespectful towards her.” 

Reddit users sided with the traveler on this.

“She’s being really immature and petty,” one person commented

“Your friend is entitled and spoiled,” another said

“Go to Greece and get a better friend,” a user wrote

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