Woman calls out in-laws over their ‘inconsiderate’ mid-vacation behavior: ‘I do not feel safe’

A woman doesn’t know what to do about her in-laws repeatedly putting her in unsafe situations

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. During a vacation with her in-laws, her mother-in-law and father-in-law couldn’t stop arguing. Each time they did, the father-in-law would ride in her husband’s two-seater. This forced her to have to ride in the backseat that was unsafe and had no seat belt.

“My husband and I go on a beach vacation every year with my husband’s parents and we always share a condo,” she explained. “Both his mom and dad can be very petty and hard-headed. At the beginning of the trip, they got into an argument over what tip to leave on our dinner bill. About 15 minutes of back-and-forth go by and the bill is paid, and we are ready to leave. Dad-in-law, however, is still fuming. Since we took separate vehicles to the restaurant, he decides to ride with us to avoid the 15-minute car ride with his wife. My husband’s car is virtually a two-seater. It has a back seat but it is virtually unusable. During this ride I cannot move, I cannot see where we are going, and I’m unable to be wearing a seat belt. I felt extremely unsafe. I’m TERRIFIED of driving in general.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the last time they forced her to ride in the compartment. 

“At the condo, mom and dad-in-law start another petty tiff,” she wrote. “The tiff [was] over what time to make reservations for a boat ride, and AGAIN, they were both too mad to ride in the car together. I’m again forced into the exact same situation. This time I was pissed. I kept making remarks like, ‘if we get in an accident, I’m gonna die first, and then my body will become a projectile and kill you guys.’ Hubby wasn’t pleased with my remarks and mom-in-law just laughed them off. Now I’m at a point where if this happens again… I want to say NO. I do NOT feel safe. And it’s extremely selfish and inconsiderate to put me in danger. Are my concerns petty or are they valid?”

Reddit users thought the in-laws should have been more thoughtful. 

“Petty arguments are not a reason to put someone’s safety at risk,” a user wrote

“Do not accept that it happens again or it will become a habit,” another wrote

“You are within your rights to refuse to ride in the backseat when it is not safe and you can’t wear a seatbelt,” someone added.

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