Woman kicks out in-laws over their ‘selfish’ behavior around her new babies: ‘Your baby is not a prop’

A woman kicked out her in-laws after they showed up uninvited to her home

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The Reddit poster’s wife had just given birth to twins. Her in-laws showed up unexpectedly, claiming they wanted to help. Instead, they just caused more trouble for the couple and their babies

“I kicked my in-laws out of our house this weekend,” the Reddit poster wrote. “My wife had twins on Oct. 9. Even though we knew twins may come early it was before her due date. My wife’s family lives in another state. When we got home from the hospital, her mom, dad and sister showed up just after we got home. We didn’t have a heads up, but her mom said they wanted to help. I have kicked all of them out after realizing it wasn’t working.” 

The Reddit poster didn’t feel like her in-laws were actually helping out. 

“Her mom and sister’s version of helping was to monopolize the babies,” the Reddit poster said. “They complained if my wife took them to feed or hold and wanted them to sleep in their bedrooms instead of the nursery. If the babies were sleeping they woke them up so they could hold them. My father-in-law just watched TV all day. They ate our food without replacing it, made meals for themselves but not us, didn’t put away their dishes and put their own laundry with ours and didn’t do any. Normally my wife is very good with boundaries for her family. There is a reason she moved 1200 miles away and hasn’t been back to visit them in 10 years. But I could see how exhausted she was. They were upsetting her and making more work. So I told them to leave and said that they weren’t able to stay here or visit for the future because we have too much on our plate. My in-laws apparently didn’t buy return tickets because they planned to stay for a long time. I’ve blocked their numbers and emails because they were leaving us angry messages.” 

Redditors thought she did the right thing by sticking up for her wife.

“They were interfering with you both bonding with your baby, that is selfish and cruel. Your baby is not a prop for their personal entertainment,” a user said

“Good on you for standing up for your wife and kids,” another wrote

“The in-laws are trash and you took out the trash,” someone commented

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