Woman ‘shocked’ by interaction with her best friend’s new girlfriend: ‘She didn’t appreciate how flirty I was’

A woman feels like her best friend’s new girlfriend is trying to come between them.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Despite her being an out and proud lesbian, her male best friend W’s new girlfriend S feels threatened. S told the poster to stay away from W. Now she is wondering if she disrespected S and W’s relationship. 

“I am best friends with W. I am a lesbian, and I am fully out of the closet,” she explained. “W has also never expressed any attraction to me before or after I came out. He has been dating S for two months now, and he seems really happy about it. I was excited to meet S.”

“She didn’t seem to like me very much, answering all my questions with one or two-word responses and giving me kinda cold looks. I tend to overthink, so I figured she was just shy and I was reading too much into things. When it was time to go, I hugged W and all my other friends goodbye. I nonverbally offered her a hug, but she just shook her head.”

The Reddit poster was unsure how to read S’s behavior until S reached out the next day. 

“The next day, I got a DM from her on Instagram telling me she didn’t appreciate how flirty I was with W and told me to ‘back the f*** off.’ I was pretty shocked because I thought she knew I was gay, but I could kinda see where she was coming from,” the Reddit poster said

“I clarified that I am not interested in W or any man for that matter, and I have no intention of getting between them. She said that didn’t matter and I need to ‘know my role.’ Which was… interesting. Trying to keep the peace, I told her I’d stop giving him hugs if that was the issue. She then replied that she’d prefer I just distance myself from him. I haven’t responded.”

Redditors didn’t think S had a leg to stand on.

“You’re not being disrespectful to their relationship,” a user said

“She’s just being insecure,” another commented

“She’s possessive, manipulative and insecure,” someone wrote

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