Woman calls out husband over his refusal to lend her his pickup truck: ‘Y’all need marriage counseling’

A woman keeps fighting with her husband over the use of his new truck. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her husband recently bought a new truck, but when it came to using it, the couple couldn’t agree. She felt that he should drive her when she needed it; he felt that she should compensate him for being her chauffeur. 

“I have been with my husband for 10 years,” she wrote. “This particular issue started a few months ago when he bought a new truck. The night before he had to pick it up, I asked him to take the dog out to go to the bathroom. He refused, saying the dog is mine and therefore my responsibility, not his. I told him that if he couldn’t do something as simple as take the dog out to go potty ‘for me’ I wouldn’t be spending my day off driving him up to get his truck.”

“A few weeks ago, I asked for his help picking up a mattress as my vehicle is a small car. He refused unless I contribute $70 a month towards his truck payment. His reasoning was that A) since I’m ‘benefiting’ from the truck I should be helping to pay for it and B) I didn’t drive him to pick up the truck so he doesn’t want to use it to ‘help’ me. We had a pretty big fight about this, and I argued that as his wife I should have access to his resources without having to contribute to that specific resource financially.” 

She tried to reconcile the issue, but things only escalated when she needed his help again. 

“I eventually apologized for not taking him to pick up the truck and he agreed that he would help me with things like this in the future,” she explained. “A few days later he helped me deliver a desk I was selling about 5 minutes away. After the fact, he asked for half of the money I had earned from selling the desk. I refused because I feel that his truck is a shared resource and he’s my husband, not a contracted delivery driver.”

“Today, I asked for his help picking up a pullout couch for our guest room. He said no. When I asked him why he said ‘because I don’t like to help you.’ He then further explained, ‘you won’t pay for part of the truck payment and you didn’t give me some of the money from your desk, so I don’t really want to use MY truck to help YOU.’ I just said, ‘OK’ and walked away.”

Redditors thought both parties were behaving badly. 

“Y’all need marriage counseling,” someone wrote

“Why did you ever bother getting married if this is how you treat each other?” another said

“This sounds like the most stressful marriage ever,” a person commented

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