Man sparks family drama after beating his ‘aggressive’ father-in-law in basketball: ‘Not sure if I should laugh or cry’

A husband is sick of his father-in-law’s rude comments. 

The husband asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******(AITA)” to weigh in. The father-in-law constantly brought up the husband’s poor athletic abilities. Meanwhile, the father-in-law also constantly bragged about his high school basketball accomplishments. When the two men decided to duke it out on the court, the father-in-law didn’t like the outcome. 

“My [father-in-law] has shown me his high school and adult rec league athletic trophies on multiple occasions,” the husband explained. “He’s insanely proud of his athletic accomplishments, although the most recent one happened 20 years ago. This past weekend, a few of us were sitting around talking about sports, and he proceeds to tell us that he could’ve been a professional basketball player or swimmer. After we all laughed at him, for some reason, he decided to direct his ire at me and tell me that he’d have kicked my a** if we were in our athletic primes at the same time. Usually, I’d brush this off, but he made it a point to go at me in front of family and friends for zero reasons. He has previously introduced me to others as his ‘daughter’s meager, unathletic husband.'”

But when the father-in-law challenged the husband to a game of basketball, things escalated quickly. 

“Well, I was a decent player in my day and still play occasionally and always figured that I could beat him pretty handily (I’m 24 years younger than him),” the husband said. “I readily accepted his challenge to play a game at the elementary school around the corner to shut this thing down once and for all. AITA for beating his ass 11-0 in front of his mom, wife, kids and grandkids? [A few days later] my wife stopped by her parents’ to pick up mail. Her dad wasn’t home. Apparently, he was at the school ‘getting up shots’ and has been there three days this week. My wife drove by him on her way home, and he was in a full lather. Not sure if I should laugh or cry.” 

Redditors thought the father-in-law was being petty. 

“It sounds like [your father-in-law] is a hugely aggressive a****** who needed to be taken down a peg,” a user wrote.

“He laid down the gauntlet, and you accepted the challenge,” another commented

“He challenged you, so it’s fair game,” someone said

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