Man enrages current wife after buying his ex-wife a new car: ‘[She] seems pretty selfish’

A man helped his ex-wife out financially, and now his current wife is furious.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to help. The husband has a considerably large amount of disposable income, largely because his ex-wife stayed at home to raise their baby while he worked. Years later, his ex-wife doesn’t have the job experience to be on her own. When she was down on her luck, the Reddit poster decided to help. 

“My ex-wife was a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) during our 16-year marriage,” he explained. “We got married very young. She has very little job experience and is in her 40s. She works at a diner as a waitress currently. She no longer receives alimony from me since she remarried, automatically stopping the payments which were originally [for a] lifetime…”

“Well, now that [she is] divorced, she had to get a job. Unlike with me, she didn’t get any spousal support from her last husband. The thing is, she doesn’t make enough to really do much of anything. I have a lot of disposable income (likely more than people reading this would be willing to believe). She fell way behind on bills and reached out to me as a last resort.”

But when he told his new wife he wanted to help his ex, it didn’t go over well. 

“I asked my wife, thinking she’d say OK,” he wrote. “She did not. And almost immediately after, my ex and her car were involved in an accident. She had a hospital bill which totaled 77K. And I paid that expense, along with buying her a new car, and gave her the money to catch up on bills with extra to pay her monthly expenses [until] she gets back on her feet.

“My wife was pissed when she found out. She claims my ex needs to, ‘fend for herself.’ But my ex is only in this position because she had to drop out to take care of our baby, and ended up just staying home. When we split, she didn’t have the credentials to make a living wage. I had quite literally no choice. I told her it would be cruel to watch the woman who [supported me] suffer. She lost it and now won’t talk to me.”

Redditors felt like the new wife wasn’t understanding enough.

“Your wife seems pretty selfish,” a user wrote

“She’s the mother of your child, and you had the ability to help,” another commented

“Your heart was in the right place,” someone said

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