Man enrages wife after refusing to give up his ‘man cave’ at home: ‘[It’s] crossing a line’

A man doesn’t want his mother-in-law (MIL) to move into his man cave. 

The husband asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. He spent 10 years creating a man cave in his basement before he even met his wife. When his wife’s father passed away, she got the idea that her mother should move into their home. However, the only logical place for her mom to stay was in her husband’s man cave.

“My wife and I got married four years ago. She had two kids from a previous relationship,” he explained. “I inherited my parents’ house when they died about a decade ago and since my wife and her kids were living in an apartment, we decided it would be easiest if they moved into my house after we got married. About a year ago, my wife’s dad got sick and passed away. It’s been hard on a lot of her family members, but especially her mom. A few months ago my wife brought up the idea of having her mom move in with us so that she wouldn’t be alone.” 

However, the husband didn’t think there was any place for his mother-in-law to stay in their home. 

“After a lot of discussion and pressure from my wife, I finally opened up to the idea, but there are still roadblocks. The biggest being that we do not have a spare bedroom for MIL,” he wrote. “My wife’s idea is to make the basement a kind of MIL suite. However, I have spent the last decade turning the basement into my man cave. I told my wife that it’s pretty much a non-starter for me to give up that space as it’s something I’ve been working on for a long time, since before I even met her. My solution is to have the kids go back to sharing a room and MIL gets the other bedroom. My wife said that her kids have gotten used to having their own space and she won’t force them to give that up. I asked her why it’s ok for me to have to give up my space, but not anyone else? I told her I am the one who is gaining nothing from having MIL move in. She called me a selfish a****** and told me I’m being ridiculous and stubborn.”

People didn’t think the husband was in the wrong. 

“Asking for MIL to move in is a huge ask, asking for you to give up your space is crossing a line,” a user wrote

“The answer is obvious. MIL should not move in,” someone said

“She is wrong wrong wrong. Hold your stance,” another commented

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