Man faces backlash after ‘lying’ about his fiancé’s engagement ring: ‘You should not be getting married’

A man didn’t want to pay $2,600 for an engagement ring, so he lied to his fiancé about it.

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. He didn’t want to spend the money on the diamond ring his girlfriend had picked out. So he bought the same style of ring she wanted but replaced the diamond with quartz. The issue is he never told her he made the big swap. 

“My girlfriend and I were talking about getting engaged,” he wrote. “I wanted her to be happy with her engagement ring so I took her to a local jeweler. She picked out a $2,600 ring with a lab-grown diamond which thankfully was cheaper than the real thing. But it was still insanely expensive for a ring. We agreed on saving to retire early but now she wants a crazy expensive ring?! She told me she wants that one since it will be forever, she doesn’t want to settle for a less nice ring. I tried to convince her to go for a cheaper ring and she wouldn’t go for it. I went back [to] the jeweler and the lady said they could do one with quartz for $1200 less so it would be $1400. I thought that would be fine since it was exactly the same. I proposed with the quartz ring and she looked super happy and accepted. I didn’t conceal that it was quartz but I didn’t tell her at the proposal.” 

But he didn’t account for his fiancée ever finding out he lied about the ring.

“Well, she lost some weight this summer and went back to the jeweler to get it refitted and found out from them that it [wasn’t] a diamond,” he explained. “She was super angry and said I lied to her. I told her she got the receipt (but it didn’t say the ring with diamond) and it was $1400 so did she think it was a diamond at that price? She said I totally overpaid for a quartz ring and I told her it was because she was pressuring me to get the style she wanted that I had to pay whatever the jeweler wanted for that style of ring since I couldn’t find it elsewhere. She has been extremely cold to me the last few days.”

“The lying by omission is what makes you the a******,” one person said

“I don’t think you’re mature enough to get married,” another wrote

“You should not be getting married,” a user posted.

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