Man sparks controversy after revealing his secret family financial decision: ‘You stole from your wife’

A husband took money from his wife without asking. Now he’s panicking. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum to weigh in. His sister asked to borrow $5,000 and promised to pay him back. He didn’t have the money, so he took it from his wife’s savings account. His wife still has no idea but his sister has pretty much refused to return the money. 

“My wife and I have joined finances, but she has a savings account [that] her grandpa set up for her before he passed,” he explained. “It’s around $40,000 in savings. We both work IT jobs and get paid fairly well (I want to note that we do not live in America so wages differ). She stated to me that the money is for either an emergency or in case we plan on buying our own house. 

“She said that in case I need money for an emergency, I’m allowed to use it. I also have access to the account but so far I didn’t use anything. Two months ago my sister asked me to lend her $5,000 because she wanted to pay for her wedding dress, but her card had expired and kept declining.”

The husband loaned the money to his sister with the expectation she would swiftly pay him back.  

“I loaned her $5,000, but since I didn’t have the full amount of my own paycheck, I borrowed money from my wife’s savings,” he wrote. “My sister said she’d pay me back once her new card was ready which would take less than two days. I didn’t tell my wife this because I’d replace the money in two days. It’s been two months now, and my sister is putting off on giving back the money she borrowed. 

“She keeps finding excuses on why she couldn’t give it back every time. One time it’s her rent, another time, it’s a medical emergency. My wife hasn’t checked the savings account in ages, but what if she happens to check it and she figures out $5,000 is missing? My best friend says I [should be] honest with her, and I should accept the consequences of my own actions for not notifying my wife and not letting her know about the money missing.” 

“You stole from your wife. You’ll have to live with the consequences,” someone said

“You need to tell your wife and start repaying the amount you took immediately,” another advised

“You basically robbed your wife,” a person commented

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