Woman blown away by mother-in-law’s ‘unnecessary’ vacation demand: ‘Completely ridiculous’

A woman became fed up with her future mother-in-law during a family road trip

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her future mother-in-law (FMIL) is coffee obsessed. During the long trip, she regularly demanded coffee stops. The issue was when the family finally arrived at the destination and just wanted to go to bed, the future mother-in-law demanded the Reddit poster go get her coffee. 

“The first night, we drove until we couldn’t anymore and then got two hotel rooms,” the Reddit poster said. “There was a coffee shop next to the hotel, so no problem there. But all we heard from FMIL was, ‘I’ve got to stop and have my coffee,’ so we did. The next night, we got to our destination, a cabin in the Rockies. It was late, and we had been traveling all day (mind you, we only took one vehicle on this trip), and our time was two hours behind what it would normally be at home, so we were definitely feeling it. Basically, everyone just wanted to get our stuff into the cabin, shower, and go to bed.” 

However, the future mother-in-law wouldn’t go to bed without her coffee first. 

“She just kept saying she needed to go to the store for her coffee to make in the morning,” the Reddit poster wrote. “We all told her we could go as soon as everyone was up and get groceries as we had to anyways. That just wouldn’t work for her she insisted she needed someone to go out and get her coffee. She wanted FFIL (future father-in-law) to do it as she had gotten a bad case of car sickness on the trip, which is true. When FFIL didn’t want to do it since he drove the last few hours of the trip, she wanted me and my fiancé to go, I refused. I told her it was entirely unnecessary and we could just go and get some for her in the morning at the store. She would be fine for one morning. And if she really wanted it that bad, she would go and get it herself.” 

Reddit users thought the poster was in the right here. 

“Insisting other people run out and get something that isn’t an actual life or death item is completely ridiculous,” a user said

“You’re 100 percent correct that if she wanted coffee that badly, she should have been willing to go get it herself,” another wrote.

“Why do you need to go out and get coffee for another adult who is perfectly capable,” a person commented

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