Woman storms out of family party after discovering mom’s ‘heartless’ gift-giving decision: ‘This was so cruel’

A 19-year-old worked hard to get her mother a special birthday present. Then her mom gave the gift away. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to weigh in. She saved up for over a year to get her mom an expensive watch. But she later noticed her little sister was wearing the watch. The Reddit poster confronted her mother about the issue, which just made her parents upset. 

“I am a college student,” the Reddit poster said. “I have a full scholarship that pays for tuition and boarding. I also work part-time to pay for other expenses. In short, I never ask my parents for money as I can provide for myself. My mom’s birthday was last June. I saved enough money to buy her a Montblanc watch as she loves watches. To some, it might not be as posh but it took me more than a year to save for it.”

But when she was watching her sister’s high school graduation over Zoom, she was stunned by what she saw.

“My sister graduated last month and I went home to celebrate with them,” she explained. “When I got home, I saw my sister wearing mom’s birthday present. I asked her about the watch and she said it was mom’s graduation gift to her. My heart sank. I asked mom to talk to me in the kitchen, why she gave away the watch I got her. Mom said she has enough watches already and my sister loved the one I got her so she just gave it away. I left the house after excusing myself. I have always felt my parents favor my sister than me but this time I sort of confirmed it. My mom and dad said I ruined the dinner that was supposed to celebrate my sister’s achievement and I was petty for walking out of the dinner party.”

Reddit users thought the daughter was justified in feeling betrayed. 

“This was SO cruel of your mother,” a user commented.

“Pretty heartless of your mom,” another said

“To just dismiss your love and effort and give it away is really hurtful,” a person wrote

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