Mom enrages son with her ‘unbelievable’ reason for skipping his wedding: ‘He’ll never speak to me again’

A mother feels caught between her two sons’ sibling rivalry. 

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. Her sons Daniel and Isaiah had a falling out when they were younger. The feud has lasted years with neither son speaking to one another. But when Daniel didn’t invite Isaiah to his wedding, things may have gotten worse between them.

“I have two sons, Isaiah and Daniel,” the mom said.” As they entered their teenage years they started resenting each other. Daniel was seeing a young lady when he was 20. It was his high school sweetheart that he planned to get engaged to. But it never happened because Isaiah lied to her about Daniel stealing from her parents and she and her parents believed him. Turned out Isaiah was the one who stole jewelry from Daniel’s ex-girlfriend’s parents’ house and pinned it to Daniel. As a result, her parents filed a police report and Daniel suffered from the lie Isaiah told to get back at Daniel for selling his bike that originally belonged to Daniel. Eventually, the boys stopped seeing or talking to each other. Both boys are in contact with me and the family.” 

The sibling rivalry escalated when Daniel announced he was getting married

“Daniel is getting married this month,” the mom explained. “He sent me, his dad, and everyone else in the family an invitation except for Isaiah. I called Daniel to ask since I assumed he probably didn’t send Isaiah an invitation but expected him to accompany me and my husband. He told me no, he intended to not invite his brother because he doesn’t want him at his wedding. I felt heavy because Isaiah already apologized and sought forgiveness but Daniel kept ignoring him. I didn’t pressure him but informed him that since Isaiah isn’t invited then I’m not coming to the wedding. He lashed out calling me unbelievable for making his wedding about Isaiah and not respecting his wishes. He added that I was selfish for putting Isaiah’s feelings over his and on his wedding no less. We argued then he hung up after telling me if I don’t attend then he’ll never speak to me again.”

Reddit thought Daniel had a right to exclude Isaiah.

“So one son tried to ruin the other son’s life with multiple lies and you are pissed he wasn’t invited to a wedding,” someone commented

“Isaiah needs to face the music,” another wrote

“Isaiah is not owed and does not deserve Daniel’s forgiveness,” a person said

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