Bride-to-be calls out mom after discovering she ‘stole’ her wedding dress: ‘She is banned from my house forever’

A bride-to-be is furious with her mother for stealing her wedding dress.

She explained the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The bride-to-be received her mother-in-law’s (MIL’s) old wedding dress as a gift. But the bride’s mother was convinced the wedding dress was cursed because the mother-in-law is now divorced. Then the bride-to-be’s mother stole the dress. 

“I am currently planning a wedding, and we are both broke students, so it is pretty low budget,” the bride-to-be wrote. “My MIL asked if I wanted her wedding dress. She got married in 2019, and it lasted nine months. I’d refer to the wedding as some type of internal crisis where she believed she had to be married by 40 and was trying to make another man jealous. She cried the morning of the wedding and kissed her boss on the lips in front of the groom. She is now very bitterly divorced but happily living with her boss.”

“Hey, it’s a beautiful dress. We are the same size, and it is from a bridal boutique I could never afford. I’m happy and not at all worried about her failed marriage. My mom told me she thought it was a horrible idea and the dress would bring bad energy. I said I’m not into that stuff, and I’m going to wear it.” 

Her mother accused her of being “spoiled and materialistic” for accepting the dress.

“Well, my mom came over recently, and she stole the dress,” the Reddit poster said. “I called her and confronted her, and she said that she is disappointed that I am shallow and want to wear a dress from an adulteress with a failed marriage.”

“I told her she had two hours to return it or I was calling the cops. She did return it intact, but I said she is banned from my house forever. My mom did apologize, and she cried. She feels like since the dress is OK, I am being too harsh. She cited that if I have kids, it wouldn’t be fair to keep her banned.” 

Redditors found the mother’s behavior unhinged.

“Theft is theft. No one has any say on a bride’s wardrobe but the bride,” a user said

“You have every right to ban her,” another wrote

“She proved she can’t be trusted,” someone added

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