Woman concerned after discovering husband’s mysterious item in their refrigerator: ‘He is acting super suspicious’

A woman can’t figure out why her husband is so protective of a mysterious box. 

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her husband brought home a box of olives from his friend Jason. While Jason was away, he asked her husband to look after the olives. Her husband kept the olives in the fridge. When she gave the fridge a thorough cleaning, he became furious that she would touch the box of olives. 

“I had no problem with him keeping it safe at the bottom of the fridge,” she explained. “Husband always asks me to be cautious with the box and not open it as it’d be rude to touch other people’s stuff. Yesterday, I decided to clean out the fridge, which took me about two hours from unplugging the fridge, emptying all items (groceries, vegetables and containers), washing and cleaning out the inside of it. Then, letting it settle before plugging it in again. I took the box my husband brought out of the fridge and placed it on the kitchen island alongside other containers.” 

Her husband called her from work and discovered she had removed the olives from the fridge.

“I showed him I was cleaning out the fridge, and he suddenly freaked out and asked about the metal box,” she said. “I was confused, so I told him to calm down and showed him where the box was. He got mad, telling me I shouldn’t have cleaned out the fridge nor even touched the box without telling him. I again tried to ask him to calm down as I saw no big deal with that. His precious box was safe and sound, but he went on a rant about how the box needed to be put back inside the fridge ASAP. And told me to plug the fridge in right then, but I couldn’t because it was wet and I still wasn’t finished with cleaning other parts. I haven’t seen those olives myself and haven’t opened the box because I didn’t think I’d even have to?”

Lots of people wondered if there were really olives in the box.

“He is acting super suspicious,” one user commented

“I’d say it’s likely that box didn’t contain olives at all, and he was worried you’d find out what was actually inside the box,” another wrote

“You should absolutely look in the box because he’s hiding something,” a person said

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