Homeowner calls out neighbors over their ‘rude’ outdoor behavior: ‘[They] are taking advantage of my hard work’

A homeowner is furious that strangers are picking their lemon tree clean. 

They asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. They are responsible for caring for a lemon tree outside of the house. However, people keep taking the lemons due to local fruit shortages. The homeowner just wants the visitors to take fewer lemons. 

“On my street, in front of every house, there is a lemon tree, probably around 5 to 10 years old,” the Reddit poster said. “They are planted right against the front fence of every house. While they are on council land and the council planted them, the upkeep (fertilizing, trimming, weeding, removal of fallen lemons) is the responsibility of the homeowners. I love to cook, so I was really excited when we moved in at how many lemons we’d have at our disposal, except I haven’t gotten one. I live in Australia, and because our farmers mainly rely on the underpaid labor of internationals to do the fruit picking, a lot of fruit was not picked this year, driving up the price of fruit in stores.”

The homeowner is fed up with how people are treating her with regard to the lemons. 

“Every day, people stop in front of our house and pick the lemons,” the Reddit poster explained. “Not one or two, but bags of them, and often the ones that haven’t even ripened yet. They have picked the lower tree clean. Today, an elderly couple pulled up in front of our house with a ladder and began picking lemons. I confronted them, and they were very rude, telling me to mind my own business and that the lemons are for the people. I said that I take care of the tree and that several lemons are fine, but please don’t take anymore, as they are depriving us of having any. They left, but after how they laughed at me while leaving, I’m tempted to go out and take all the lemons off my tree so people will stop coming by. Honestly, if people just took a couple or asked to take some, I wouldn’t care, but I feel like these people are taking advantage of my hard work because they are too cheap to buy some at the local shop.”

Redditors weighed in with their opinions. 

“Pick all your lemons. They can buy their own or plant their own tree,” a user advised

“Go pick all the ones that are left now!” another commented

“If these people want to insist that it’s a community tree, then they have to treat it like one, instead of their own personal lemon dispenser,” someone said. 

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