Teenager calls out parents over their ‘obsessive’ holiday tradition: ‘I just want to have a normal time’

A teenage girl is fed up with her fandom-loving parents and wants to have her own interests. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum after she got into a fight with her mom. Her parents are huge fantasy fanatics. They love Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel films. The issue is that the teen does not, but her parents organize every birthday and holiday around pop culture franchises. 

“My mom is a huge Harry Potter nut,” the teen explained. “She and my dad actually met in a Harry Potter Internet Relay Chat (IRC) in the early ’00s, got married, had kids and from day one decided to embarrass us for life by naming us after some Harry Potter and Star Wars characters.

“It’s honestly been hell. I have a stupid name and since we were little, my parents have forced stuff like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel movies, etc., down our throats. Everything is about dragons and magic and blah blah blah. I’m so sick of it. Every birthday, every holiday, everything is just organized around ‘fandom.'”

The daughter couldn’t take another year of watching the same franchises every night as a holiday tradition, and things got heated. 

“Every Christmas, the days leading up to Christmas, we have to sit down every night and watch Harry Potter movies,” she said. “I arranged to go over to my friend Missy’s house instead for like two nights. Missy’s family is NORMAL and likes things a NORMAL amount. My mom got really mad and started talking about how it’s a family tradition and how I’m basically rejecting her.” 

“I finally had it and just yelled ‘NOBODY CARES THAT YOU WERE A BIG NAME IN THE HARRY POTTER FAN CLUB!!! I don’t like Harry Potter! I don’t like Star Wars! I HATE MARVEL MOVIES. THEY’RE ALL SO BORING. PLEASE JUST LET ME HAVE MY OWN INTERESTS!’ […] I told her that I’m sick of having all this old ‘nerd’ stuff crammed down my throat and just once I want to have a normal time watching normal Christmas movies and not having to pause for ‘lightsaber battles.’”

Redditors thought the teen was right for speaking up about how she felt. 

“This kid is amazing, lol. I’m so proud of them standing up for themselves and also taking shots at obsessive fanbases,” a user said

“You’re allowed to have your own interests, and your parents aren’t making life easier by forcing things they like on you,” someone commented

“Your parents are not providing an inclusive environment, and it’s not fair,” another wrote

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