Man dumbfounded by parents’ surprise babysitting request: ‘Incredibly entitled and selfish’

A man just wanted to spend time with his father but felt ambushed by his stepmom

He shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He lives far from his dad, so he hadn’t seen him in seven months. When he told his father he was making the long drive to visit, his dad was excited. But when he arrived, his stepmom expected him to babysit his little brother the whole time instead of bonding with his dad. 

“I asked if it was cool for me to stay there so we can hang out and do something on Saturday,” he said. “My dad said that would be great. I made the drive [and] got there by Friday night. Saturday morning, my stepmom is saying me and my bro should go to the beach or something fun out of the house. But I told her my dad and I had plans to have some guy time. My brother could come though, no problem. She said they had plans already. When I talked to my dad, he said he was sorry. My stepmom got all excited after he told her I was coming. She thought this would be a great time for them to go out.” 

He tried to reason with his parents, but they were being stubborn about the situation. 

“My dad thought we could do something together on Sunday,” he explained. “But Sunday was literally when I was leaving. [We’d] probably have like two hours to spend time together before I needed to be on the road. I got pretty mad at him, I told him I didn’t drive for hours to babysit. Well, I told my dad [there’s] no point in me staying if we’re only gonna have a couple of hours to hang out. So I just got my stuff and made the drive back home.” 

Reddit users thought the parents were in the wrong here.

“What an incredibly entitled and selfish woman,” one person wrote

“I would’ve done the same thing as you,” another commented

“You did the right thing,” a user said

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