Woman taken aback by boyfriend’s parents’ ‘ridiculous’ family vacation rules: ‘It makes me feel like a child’

A woman can’t believe her boyfriend’s parents’ strict vacationing rule or how he reacted to it. 

She explained the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******.” She and her boyfriend were invited by his parents to vacation together. However, the parents refused to allow them to share a room together. Then when there weren’t enough rooms available, the parents rescinded their invitation to her.

“My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly a year,” she wrote. “We live separately and he comes to my house quite regularly. His family has organized a trip in September and I was invited at first, but recently told by his mum it seems I can’t go anymore because ‘there aren’t enough bedrooms.’ So apparently his parents are very against non-married people sharing a room, and it’s looking like all bedrooms at the place they have booked are taken.”

But she was more upset that her boyfriend didn’t confront his parents about the issue. 

“My boyfriend has said this kind of thing to his parents before but as they’re paying what can he do,” she explained. “I do understand, but I told him in the future if that is always going to be the case then I won’t feel comfortable being on a holiday with them if they pay for it. I’m almost 30, have never been made to not share a bedroom with any boyfriend before and it makes me feel like a child. He said this was upsetting to hear, and I told him it’s upsetting that he doesn’t stand up to his parents more.”

Reddit users thought the parents were being absurd with their demands.

“Ridiculous ideas deserve to be ridiculed,” one person commented

“That’s beyond rude,” another said

“They should not have extended an invitation just to take it back,” a user said

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