Pet owner infuriated by friend’s ‘disrespectful’ house party rules: ‘If the dog can’t go, she can’t go’

A man doesn’t want his friend’s girlfriend’s service dog at his new apartment

He shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. After moving into a new apartment, he wanted to have a housewarming party. His friend’s girlfriend requires a service dog. The issue is, he is allergic and has medical issues that would make cleaning up after the dog difficult. 

“I recently moved into my own apartment, and I’m hosting a house warming party of sorts with a few friends,” he said. “One of my friends asked if they could bring their girlfriend, which is where the title comes in. I’ve met his girlfriend before, and she seems really sweet, but the issue is I have an allergy to dogs and she has a service dog for some medical issues. The allergy isn’t severe or anything, just uncomfortable. When we’re outside in public it’s not much of an issue, but I’d rather not have a dog in my apartment. I also have some medical issues of my own that make it more difficult to clean etc., so dog hair getting places would be kind of a hassle.”

The friend, however, did not think the Reddit poster had a reasonable excuse. 

“I do understand that her dog is very important to her, I just don’t want him in my apartment,” he explained. “My friend got quite upset and said if the dog can’t go, she can’t go, and if she can’t go, he won’t be going. He also used a few choice words to explain how I was being disrespectful. Am I the a****** for not changing my mind and holding that I won’t have a dog in my apartment, even a service dog?” 

Reddit users thought the poster was being fair. 

“You are allowed to feel comfortable in your own space,” a user said

“How on earth did he feel like her condition was real while yours can just be disregarded?” another wrote

“Your home is not a public space that requires the accommodation of service animals,” a person commented

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