Moviegoer dumbfounded by other group’s ‘ridiculous’ in-theater behavior: ‘They were acting like entitled children’

A woman wondered if she ruined a stranger’s birthday after an incident at a movie theater. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to weigh in. She and a friend went to the movies and got reserved seats online. When she arrived, she noticed a couple sitting in their seats. She tried to resolve the issue with the couple but things only seemed to escalate from there. 

“I went with a friend to watch the new 007 movie at a pretty popular theater,” she said. “We booked our seats in advance online, and our seats were M10 and M11, towards the back in the middle. We got there 10 minutes before the movie started and saw that there was a couple sitting in our seats. I asked if the seats they were sitting in were M10/M11, and [said] they might be sitting in our seats. The guy in the couple said this was N10/N11. My friend and I were confused, so we asked the row in front of us to see what row that was. They said it was L. So if we go by the alphabet (and the row letter was also on the carpet), the couple were not sitting in their seats.”

But when the couple refused to check their tickets, she got a worker involved. 

“I asked the couple again nicely that they might be sitting in the wrong seat, and the guy started to get really frustrated,” she wrote. “I went outside and grabbed a worker. The couple saw us bringing a worker in, and the guy came up to us and started to talk bad about me in front of the worker, and how I’m blowing it out of proportion, and said crude things about me. The worker went out and got another person to verify the seats. Turns out the couple was wrong and those were our seats. The guy started to yell that he wanted a refund because the N10/N11 seats are not in the middle. He stormed off, and his girlfriend walked out and cursed at me that I ruined the guy’s birthday.” 

People on Reddit thought the couple was totally out of line. 

“They were acting like entitled children,” a user said

“It’s ridiculous for you to have to take an unoccupied, possibly reserved seat and then, what, get booted again when the people who reserved THOSE seats show up?” another wrote

“They ruined their own day,” someone commented

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