Woman infuriated by family’s ‘ridiculous’ vacation plans: ‘They just want you [as] a babysitter’

A woman is upset with how her siblings are treating her regarding their family vacation. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her family planned to rent a house together for a reunion. But when her sister chose a rental, all of the adults had their own bedrooms except for the Reddit poster. 

“My two older siblings and I recently began planning [a] sort of family reunion/vacation to celebrate my mother’s 65th birthday,” the Reddit poster wrote. “My siblings both have kids, and I am married and have no kids yet. Someone had the bright idea that for this vacation, we should rent a nice large house with a pool so that we could all hang out together as a big family.”

“My sister and sister-in-law both put themselves in charge of finding the house and doing most of the planning. We agreed to split the cost of the house three ways and to cover the expenses for our mom and stepdad as well. My husband has a huge project at work that coincides with my mother’s birthday, so he would not be able to come.”

But when she saw the house her sister had chosen, there was one major issue. 

“My sister told me they found the perfect house and sent me a link so I could see it,” the Reddit poster said. “There were only three bedrooms. My sister explained that my mother and her husband would get the master bedroom, our brother and his wife would get the second bedroom, and she and her husband would be in the third. When I asked where I was supposed to sleep, she said, ‘You can sleep in the living room with all the kids.'”

“I told her that I wanted my own room and that we would have to find a house with four bedrooms. She said that I would not have to pay as big of a portion toward the house, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. I told my sister that if they wanted to go ahead and take the house, I would still pay my part for my mother and stepfather but that I would be staying in a hotel. My sister became angry and told me I was being difficult and ruining everything.” 

Redditors thought the siblings should have been more considerate. 

“They just want you [as] a babysitter,” one user said

“If it is not a big deal, you can have the room, and they can sleep in the living room with THEIR kids,” another wrote

“It’s really rather ridiculous that they think this is a good idea,” someone added

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