Woman gives roommate ultimatum over her ‘inconsiderate’ houseguest: ‘I’d be tempted to kick her out’

A woman wants her roommate’s friend to stop spending so much time at their apartment or pay rent.

She told Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum her situation. Her roommate’s friend Mike spends the night almost every day. To make matters worse, he plays video games loudly and eats all of the Reddit poster’s food. When she confronted her roommate about Mike, the roommate refused to change anything. 

“I share a two-bedroom apartment with a friend of mine from high school,” she explained. “We’ve lived together for almost a year and had no problems until the last couple [of] months. She has a ‘friend’ we will call ‘Mike.’ At first, they were seeing each other romantically, but have since decided to just be friends. Mike is at our apartment a LOT. Like he stays the night five to six nights a week usually. He eats my food without asking and has basically laughed at my polite requests to replace the food he eats. If it was a snack here and there, I wouldn’t mind, but I will buy groceries for the week, and it’s half gone within a couple [of] days because of him. He sleeps with her in her room, but when they’re not sleeping or if she is at work, he is in the living room loudly playing video games. I work from home, and he is disruptive during my work hours most days. Again, when I’ve requested him to quiet down, he laughs it off like I’m joking.”

She tried to talk to her roommate about Mike, but the roommate just wouldn’t listen.

“A few days ago, we had a rare evening where he wasn’t at our place,” she said. “My roommate was watching TV in the living room, and I took the opportunity to bring up my concerns. When I brought up the behavior that bothers me, she apologized but basically said she can’t change who he is. I then said if he’s going to be practically living at our place and eating my food, he should be contributing to rent/groceries. She essentially said that was unfair as he’s ‘not on our lease.’ I told her if that was the case, then he needs to spend much less time at our place because he’s not a tenant. She also said he has troubles at home (he still lives with his parents and is unemployed), and it would hurt their friendship if she asked him to help out or stop coming around.” 

Redditors thought Mike was being disrespectful. 

“He sounds rude, inconsiderate, lazy and ignorant,” a user said

“I’d be tempted to kick her out,” another wrote

“Your best bet is to find another place,” someone commented

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