Man taken aback by roommate’s ‘inconsiderate’ household request: ‘[A] total invasion of privacy’

A man doesn’t want to let his roommate use his bedroom for her house guests. 

He shared his dilemma with Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His roommate plans to invite her family over for the holidays while he is out of town. The issue is she wants her parents to stay in his bedroom when he is away. 

“My housemate is considering offering to host her family here over Christmas while I go back to my mum’s place, because she doesn’t have a car and her parents live about three hours away,” he wrote. “Neither do I, but I was planning to get a train to my mom’s place. I don’t object to her hosting if that’s what she wants, but I do have a problem with her plan for sleeping arrangements. She’s planning to share her double bed with one of her sisters, have the other sister and her son sleep in the guest room/office, and give my bed to her parents.” 

He doesn’t feel like he can trust that her family won’t go through his things. 

“I barely know her parents and don’t feel comfortable having them in my bedroom,” he explained. “The last time they came up, they booked a hotel, and I would so much rather they did that this time as well rather than encroach on my space. I don’t want them to go looking through my stuff (and I know they will, even if she asks them not to, because they did when I was moving in). It’s my room and I feel like I should be allowed that boundary. I also don’t like that it means I’ll have to plan everything around when I’m leaving and coming back based on her parents’ schedules, or else I’ll come home and not have a bedroom.”

Redditors thought he had a right to set the boundary.

“Total invasion of privacy even if you aren’t there,” someone commented

“I’m actually taken aback that she’d be so inconsiderate to you,” a user said

“You are entitled to your space in the house you equally rent,” another wrote

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