College student dumbfounded by roommate’s shared kitchen demand: ‘Why couldn’t you just leave me one egg?’

A man is fed up with his roommate over a carton of eggs.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in on the situation. One night, he used all of the eggs he had bought with his own money. But when his roommate discovered he had used all the eggs, the roommate became furious. 

“So a couple of nights ago, I got back from school absolutely starving (didn’t eat breakfast or lunch),” he wrote. “My friend from class came over too, so it’s not like I ate everything by myself. It’d been a while since I last had an omelet, so I decided to whip myself up one. I asked my friend if he wanted any, and he happily accepted.

“There were like eight eggs left, and the expiration of them was the next day, so I decided to just add all of them to the omelet. Important to note that these were my eggs that I bought. My friend left around 9 p.m.” 

But when his roommate came home that night, the roommate expected there to be some eggs left. 

“My roommate has a pretty intense schedule, so he didn’t get back until around 11 p.m.,” the Reddit poster said. “He started banging on my door and asked where the eggs were. I told him I ate them since I was hungry. He just got even angrier and said, ‘Why couldn’t you just leave me one egg?? I’m starving, man.'” 

“So I said, ‘My bad, man. They were gonna expire, and my friend ate some too. Eat something else?’ He huffed off, but man, this guy won’t let it go. It’s been like three days. Even his girlfriend said I’m a ‘bad roommate’ for letting him go hungry.”

Redditors thought the roommate was completely in the wrong. 

“Your roommate needs to go grocery shopping,” a user commented

“Tell him to get over it because he was wrong,” another said

“You bought the eggs, so you’re free to eat as many as you want,” someone wrote

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