Woman accused of ‘ruining’ holiday dinner after standing up to her boyfriend’s mom: ‘We got kicked out’

A woman thinks she may have ruined Thanksgiving — and her relationship.

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She and her boyfriend (BF) have been together for three years. The whole time, his mother compared her to his ex-girlfriend. The mother would also mockingly call the Reddit poster the incorrect name. When the mom’s inappropriate behavior resulted in a Thanksgiving dinner mix-up, the family blamed the Reddit poster.

“I met my BF three years ago. Before me, he was together with his HS [high school] sweetheart,” she explained. “They fell out of love and broke up. His mom, however, was still heartbroken about it. I was very understanding and thought she needed time to get to know me. The ex basically grew up with them, and they saw her as a part of the family.”

“For the first year of my relationship, his mom would call me [his] ex’s name — until [my] BF got angry once and told her to be nice. She laughed it off and said it was just a habit. After that, she started calling me the wrong name (Janet instead of Jenny). I corrected her a couple of times, but she seemed to like hurting me, so I ignored it later.”

But at a family function, the tension between the Reddit poster and her boyfriend’s mom became explosive.

“AITA for ruining Thanksgiving? My BF has two sisters, and a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, we were invited to [a] barbecue at the older sister’s house,” she said. “I was in the kitchen with my BF’s mom, the sisters and one of their husbands. The older sister then talked about how my BF praised my cooking to her husband, and the mom was listening. She then said out loud, ‘SURE! Why don’t we let Janet make the turkey this year?’ The sisters giggled and looked at each other, and I said, ‘That’s a great idea!’ I didn’t tell my BF what happened.”

“On Thanksgiving, we went to his mom’s house with the usual wine and dessert. She was shocked. Everybody was shocked. I said, ‘What? I thought Janet is bringing the turkey!’ There was yelling, crying and then we got kicked out. My BF is so angry with me. He hasn’t talked to me since. I think it’s over. But I still don’t think I did anything wrong! Did I?”

Redditors sided with the girlfriend on the matter.

“They set you up completely,” a user wrote

“If she couldn’t bother to call you by the right name, it’s the least she deserves,” another said

“If this causes you and [your] BF to break up, good riddance to him and his family,” someone wrote

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