Woman leaves friend dumbfounded with her ‘selfish’ financial request: ‘This plan is insane’

A woman is refusing to cosign her friend’s mortgage. 

She shared the problem on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her friend can only get a house with a cosigner. But the Reddit poster doesn’t feel comfortable because she’s looking to buy a house herself. The issue is that their mutual friends believe the Reddit poster has a responsibility to cosign. 

“My good friend is currently house hunting,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I come from a fairly well-off family, while my friend does not. My job also pays a decent amount more than hers does. My friend has been trying to purchase a house for the past year and a half, and even though her credit score is excellent, she doesn’t make enough money from her job to qualify for a mortgage without a cosigner.” 

“She has repeatedly suggested to me that I should cosign on a mortgage for her. I am pretty much her only option for this since neither her parents nor any of her other friends are in a financial position to be able to help. The thing is though, I really don’t want to cosign for her.”

The Reddit poster just doesn’t feel comfortable cosigning the mortgage for several reasons.

“I’m working towards purchasing a place of my own in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world,” the Reddit poster explained. “My friend has given me a guarantee that she will not default on the mortgage, but honestly, I don’t see how she can make a promise like that. She didn’t even really ask me. She just said that this is what she needed and expected me to go along with it.”

“Most of our mutual friends who know about this situation are on her side and think that not cosigning for her would be cruel. Some of them have even tried to be her cosigner but were rejected by the bank for various different reasons (i.e., not making enough money, bad credit scores, etc.). This has sort of made me question whether I’m being unreasonable and selfish.” 

Redditors thought the friend was asking for too much. 

“This plan is insane. Do not do it,” a user commented

“Do not cosign for her. It is not selfish to say no,” another wrote

“Your friends are massively entitled,” someone added.

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