Woman enrages brother with her ‘selfish’ holiday party invitation: ‘Stop disrespecting your brother’s choices’

A woman wants her brother to get back with his ex-girlfriend, even though he refuses. 

The sister asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Despite the fact that her brother has a new girlfriend named Sarah, the Reddit poster insists that his ex-girlfriend Anya is better for him. But when the brother found out that the sister invited Anya to a family dinner, he uninvited himself. 

“My brother used to be friends with a girl named Anya. They didn’t date, but they hooked up a couple of times,” she said. “I love Anya, and I always hoped she and my brother would end up dating. I met her through him, and I ended up having a good relationship with her. We’re not that close, but occasionally we text and talk on the phone and sometimes go out for some coffee once in a while. We had an inside joke about how she’d be my future sister-in-law because I’ll make sure to set her up with my brother.

“My brother [has] now [been] dating his girlfriend Sarah for around three years. He went no contact with Anya two years ago because, according to him, Anya had disrespected his GF multiple times and was acting possessive of him. Once, he told me that Anya told Sarah how ‘I’m the future wife of your boyfriend.’ My brother apparently was offended by Anya’s behavior and cut her off. I don’t know if any of this is true, and I don’t care that much.” 

The sister decided to invite Anya over for a holiday dinner that her brother and Sarah had planned to attend. 

“So lately, Anya and I got closer, and I invited her to my Thanksgiving dinner that my husband and I hosted at our house,” she explained. “When my brother found out Anya was invited, he went off on me and said I’m so disrespectful for inviting the girl who tried to break him and Sarah up, and how this is disrespectful to him, Sarah and their relationship. He also claimed that I never gave a chance to Sarah [or] tried to get close to her because I’m so stuck on the idea of him dating Anya, which is creepy.

“I told him it’s my house, and I can invite whoever I want to there and don’t need his permission. Anya and I get along perfectly fine, and I don’t care what she did to them. She’ll always be the one that got away for my brother in my eyes. My brother said that he and his GF wouldn’t attend my Thanksgiving dinner. And they didn’t. Anya still attended. My mom has sided with me and said that my brother and Sarah are acting like brats, and they’re toxic and insecure. But my husband and my father have told me I acted like TA, and I should understand where Sarah and my brother come from.”

Redditors thought the sister was totally wrong. 

“Stop disrespecting your brother’s choices,” someone wrote

“It’s creepy that she’s still obsessed with [Anya] being part of the family,” another said

“You’re incredibly selfish and a homewrecker by encouraging her behavior,” a user commented.

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