Man called out after proposing ‘selfish’ relationship idea to his girlfriend: ‘Shame on him’

A Redditor called out his friend for being a hypocrite to his fiancee

He shared the story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum. His friend Nick refused to marry his girlfriend Sophie unless she agreed to an open relationship. Eventually, Sophie agreed. But when she decided to see other people, Nick accused her of cheating. Nick didn’t like hearing what the Reddit poster had to say about the situation.

“I have an old college friend Nick, he has a fiancée Sophie,” the Reddit poster wrote. “They’ve been together three years and Nick has repeatedly suggested an open relationship to which Sophie has refused. Until a few months ago, when he said he’d only propose if she agreed to try an open relationship. She agreed. Nick wanted an open relationship so he could see Anna, a girl we knew from college who he always had a thing for but she was married from when she was 18 to 26 so he never had a chance until recently. He hasn’t had a chance to see her yet because she had been living with her sick mom and they can’t afford to rent a hotel room.”

But when Sophie decided to get the most out of their open relationship, Nick became furious. 

“Now the issue is that Nick showed up at my house last weekend with a suitcase, absolutely livid, and asked to crash on my couch,” the Reddit poster said. “He said Sophie had gone out to dinner and had sex with a male model and that she was cheating because he hadn’t had the chance to see Anna and it was unfair for her to see someone so much hotter than Anna. I basically laughed at him and told him this is exactly what was going to happen. That he was being selfish expecting Sophie not to see anyone or to see people less attractive than her (she’s very attractive and I don’t know why she’s with Nick). He went off on me for not being supportive and stormed out and is trying to turn our friend group against me for not supporting him.”

Reddit users thought Nick got exactly what was coming to him. 

“Shame on him!” one user wrote.

“If it isn’t the consequences of his own actions,” another said

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” a person wrote

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