Man furious over girlfriend’s reaction to his sister’s baby name decision: ‘Maybe we shouldn’t be together’

A widower is rethinking his relationship with his girlfriend after she told him he should forget about his late wife

He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. His wife and high school sweetheart passed away unexpectedly six years ago. When his sister said she wanted to name her daughter after the late wife, he agreed. But this seemed to make his new girlfriend furious. 

“I was with my wife for 16 years,” he explained. “We were high school sweethearts and got married when we graduated college. However, she died six years ago in a tragic car accident. I now have a new girlfriend who I have been dating for eight months. Recently, we found out my sister was having a girl. She invited me and my girlfriend over for dinner.”

“There, she asked what I thought about her giving her daughter my late wife’s name as a middle name, and stated she would only do it if I was okay with it. I said yes immediately but my girlfriend blew up on my sister saying she thought it would be disrespectful to her. And that she felt like she would always be in my wife’s shadow with a baby that had her name around.”

The poster’s girlfriend continued to explode at his sister. So he tried to reason with her back at home

“My girlfriend carried on shouting at her and saying she was sick of competing with a dead woman and how she wished we would all get over it already,” he wrote. “I got up and told my girlfriend that we were leaving and would talk about this privately. I then blew up on my girlfriend, first berating her for shouting at my pregnant sister and then asking why she would disrespect my late wife like that.”

“She tried to turn it around on me and make me feel guilty for not defending her. She then said she was hoping if we were together long enough, I would start to forget about my wife. I reminded her that was my kidsmother after all, and her memory would never fully be gone but that didn’t mean I loved her any less but if she couldn’t accept that, maybe we shouldn’t be together.” 

Redditors thought the girlfriend was totally out of line. 

“For your kids’ sake, I really do hope you dump this woman,” someone commented

“She is jealous of someone who poses absolutely no threat,” another said.

“You are widowed, not divorced. You will never stop loving and remembering your wife,” a person wrote.  

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