Man blown away by sister’s ‘entitled’ large-scale financial request: ‘You don’t owe her anything’

A man didn’t pay for his sister’s car payments, and it’s tearing his family apart. 

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum to weigh in on the issue. His sister Gi purchased an expensive car out of her price range. When she couldn’t make the payments, the car was repossessed. The Reddit poster offered to loan Gi his car, but she rejected him and demanded even more. 

“About a year ago, my sister Gi bought a BMW she couldn’t afford,” he wrote. “I lucked out, hitting the jackpot with my wife and job. My wife typically makes a lot more money than I do, but she’s currently on bed rest with a difficult pregnancy. It has been almost two months. It will last the rest of the pregnancy. My dad calls me upset that someone is trying to steal my sister’s car.

“It was being repossessed for nonpayment. I called my sister and asked, ‘What was going on?’ She first said she was one month behind, then admitted she was three months behind. She said she would have the money next week. She never called the car dealership to follow up, and the car was sold, sticking my sister with the remaining balance.” 

The brother tried to help Gi out, but the sister wasn’t all that receptive. 

“Now she doesn’t have a car and is driving my dad’s older jeep,” he explained. “I have even offered my car for her to use, but it’s a Toyota, and she rejected it. She has been harassing both of my parents because she says I could have lent her the money and [that] my wife is lazy about her pregnancy. Now, I’m getting unwanted advice about getting my wife back to work since she has worked from home previously.

“My wife is sick. I’m already worried about her health. She’s losing weight around six months [pregnant] and isn’t eating well. My sister has told me our mom had seven kids and my wife is milking the pregnancy for attention. At this point, I cut my sister off and stopped going to my parents’ house, where she lives. A few family members think I’m an a****** for not helping my sister financially with a car that she couldn’t afford in the first place.” 

Redditors thought the sister had no place asking for the vehicle. 

“Your sister sounds like an entitled brat. You do not owe her anything,” someone commented

“You need to put your wife and unborn child first,” another wrote.

“Your sister is ridiculous, and your parents are too for siding with her,” a user said

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