Woman dumbfounded by her sister’s ‘crazy’ financial request: ‘She will ruin your life’

A woman doesn’t want her sister to move in with her. Now the sister is furious

The woman explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She and her husband just bought their first home. Her pregnant sister has five children and a boyfriend who just got out of prison. The sister asked if they could permanently live in the new house. When the Reddit poster refused, her sister began to lash out. 

“I and my partner recently bought our first home,” she explained. “This was huge for us as we live in New Zealand, and house prices have been skyrocketing over the last few years. Even with $70,000 that I inherited from my grandparents, both of us working full time and a loan from my partner’s parents of $20,000, we only just managed to scrape through and get the place we wanted. It is two bedrooms plus a small office. My sister is unemployed and has no education past [high school]. She has five kids and has recently found out she is pregnant with her sixth. Her partner is being let out of prison soon but will be on home detention, and her current landlords don’t want him living in their house.” 

The sister then asked if she and her family could stay at the new house. 

“I said if they didn’t find somewhere in time that they could stay with us temporarily, but there wasn’t enough room to stay for more than a couple weeks,” the Reddit poster said. “She basically said that there was plenty of room, partner and I could move into the office, she and her partner would take our bedroom along with her youngest, and her other four would share the second bedroom. I said absolutely not. She retaliated that I didn’t have kids, so I didn’t know how hard life was. I pointed out that when our grandparents passed away, she got the same $70,000 that I did, as well as $15,000 for each of her children, so why hadn’t she got a job and used that $130,000 as a deposit on a house for her children? She told me to f*** off and that what she spent her money on was none of my business.” 

Reddit users didn’t think the sister had any right to make the demand in the first place.

“You don’t want that level of crazy staying with you, even temporarily,” one person commented

“She will ruin your life as she has ruined her own,” another wrote

“If you let them in the door, they will take over your house and never leave,” someone added

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