Woman tries to kick out sister-in-law over her ‘unbelievable’ secret move: ‘The sheer audacity’

A woman is at odds with her in-laws after her sister-in-law destroyed her property. 

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. Her 20-year-old sister-in-law recently moved in with her and her husband. Things were fine at first — until the sister-in-law started to break an important house rule. The sister-in-law would bring over guests while the couple wasn’t home. Then, when she brought her boyfriend over, his little sister ruined some of the Reddit poster’s belongings. 

“When I was a kid, I was really into stuffed animals,” she said. “When my nieces were born, I gave them almost all of them, except for three that were special to me. Two months ago, my sister-in-law (SIL) asked if she could stay with us since she lost her job. My husband asked me if I would be OK with it since he would be deployed soon, and I would be the one staying with her. I agreed since we never really had an issue before.

“My husband left a month ago, and everything was going OK with his sister. The only issue that we had was that she couldn’t bring people over if she was alone at our house. One time, she brought her boyfriend, and we just told her that, in that case, she needed to let us know since we don’t really know him.”

This became an issue when the sister-in-law was careless with the poster’s three stuffed animals. Two of the plush toys were from her dad, and the other, named Johnny, was from a late family friend. 

“Last week, my husband got back from his deployment,” she explained. “We planned to go out for the weekend to spend time alone. When we got back, I found Johnny in the trash can with one of his arms cut off. I started asking what happened and went to check, and the elephant was missing, too. I asked SIL since she was the one there. She told me her boyfriend brought his little sister around, and she was playing with them. She ripped his arm, and since it was old, she threw it in the trash, and she took the pink elephant since she really liked it.”

“I started crying and told her she had no right to throw it away. My husband got involved and told her she broke every single rule and disrespected us and our house, that she needed to tell her boyfriend to bring that elephant back right now and start packing her things to leave. Now, his parents are calling us and saying we are a bunch of babies reacting that way over two stuffed animals as if we were kids. His family is mad at us and blaming me and saying I manipulated my husband and put him against his own family.”

Redditors thought the sister-in-law was out of line. 

“The sheer audacity to be a thief and a property destroyer to your host is unbelievable,” someone wrote

“Good for your husband for sticking up for you and holding his ground,” another said

“She destroyed your personal property. It does not matter what it is, and she broke the rules,” a person commented.

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