Woman faces backlash after criticizing her younger sister’s outfit choices: ‘I smell jealousy’

A woman told her sister to dress in a more serious manner. Now the siblings are feuding. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her younger sister Anna is outgoing and is married to Lance, who is more reserved. When Anna wore a “short” dress to a family gathering, the Reddit poster told Anna her husband wouldn’t take her seriously that way. 

“My sister Anna married my friend Lance,” she wrote. “He was the cool guy in our friend group, handsome, mysterious, smart and quiet. I don’t know how he ended up with my sister. She’s the total opposite, loud, funny, outgoing. She’s beautiful though, really beautiful, and when they got together, everyone said how good they looked.”

“Lance was always so stern and quiet. Anna would revolve around him at family gatherings, but he wouldn’t engage that much with anyone but me and her. I was surprised when he asked her to marry him. My sister is pretty much only into her looks (and I didn’t think Lance cared for that before).”

The Reddit poster seemed to think that Anna and Lance were inherently incompatible. 

“Last week was my dad’s birthday, and we had a party,” she explained. “My sister and Lance came, and she was wearing a pretty short floral dress. Most of the men were looking at her, including my dad’s friends. Lance was as stoic as always, and my sister came to my mom and me saying that she didn’t know why he was so quiet since he’s not like that. (He is like that. WTF?)

“So I told her that if she didn’t dress like that, he might take her more seriously. She got sad and sat quietly the rest of the night, and I didn’t think much of that. But a few days ago, Lance texted me and said that he would appreciate it if I didn’t comment on his wife’s way of dressing again. Did I miss something?”

Redditors thought the poster was being absurd. 

“Do them all a favor and leave them both alone,” someone wrote

“I smell jealousy,” another commented

“She likes how she dresses, her husband likes how she dresses, it’s their marriage and none of your business getting involved,” a person said

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