Mom-to-be enrages sister after allegedly ‘stealing’ her baby name idea: ‘She is being a lunatic’

A woman and her sister are feuding over having similar baby names for their unborn children

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. The Reddit poster and her husband found out they were having a son. She and her husband later revealed the name they chose for him to their families. But her sister claimed the name was too similar to one she wanted for her future child. 

“I’m so conflicted,” the Reddit poster explained. “When my husband and I found out we were having another boy, we finally came up with a name we both liked. I was so excited to tell my family and everyone was excited for me except my sister and her husband. Apparently, we had taken a name that was close to a name on her ‘list’ of future baby names. She demanded I didn’t use the name. By the way, she wasn’t pregnant at this time but they were trying for another baby.”

The Reddit poster decided not to change her son’s name; however, she may have lost a sister in the process.

“I told her that we were still going to use the name and if she wanted to use the other name close to it then great,” the Reddit poster said. “She told me we aren’t sisters anymore and since then, hasn’t talked to me or my husband. I lost a sister over a stupid list of baby names. Was I an a******for stealing her name and holding my ground?” 

Reddit users didn’t think the poster had any reason to change the name.

“She is being a lunatic,” one person said

“She doesn’t own the name. It’s not even the same name,” another wrote

“She is unreasonable. Not the same name,” a user commented.

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