Woman enrages sister after throwing away almost $1,000 worth of groceries: ‘What you eat is none of her business’

A woman had a falling out with her sister over “unhealthy” foods. 

She posted the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her sister came to stay with her for a week. But one night, while she was out, her sister threw out nearly all of her food. The sister claimed it was “disgusting” and refused to replace it. 

“My sister and I grew up together but aren’t very close,” the Reddit poster explained. “She recently received an opportunity to interview for a job near our hometown and reached out to see if she could stay with me for a week. It was all kind of awkward but nothing horrible until the third night. I came home from drinks with my friends around 10 p.m., went into my kitchen for a snack and realized that almost ALL of my food was gone.”

“I’m not even exaggerating. I swear 90% of my pantry was just gone. I asked my sister, and she told me that she was shocked I ate anything with preservatives and ‘unnatural’ and that I was ‘poisoning my body,’ so she took it upon herself to throw away EVERYTHING she deemed unhealthy.”

“I’m talking about SO much food, both packaged and unpackaged,” she wrote. “Even things like spices that weren’t fresh were tossed! It was like someone had robbed my kitchen. I demanded that she pay to replace everything, but she dug her heels in and said that she was doing me a favor and that the way I ate was ‘disgusting’ (her literal words). I did the math, and she threw away close to a thousand dollars worth of food.”

“I was so upset, I made her pack up and leave, and she ended up having to take a cab about 30 minutes away to stay with my parents. My mom is absolutely devastated that we’re fighting and insists that I apologize in order to keep the peace because she really hopes my sister will take the job and move back.”

Redditors thought the sister was being outrageous.

“She literally stole your food. What you eat is none of her business,” someone wrote

“Your sister was way over the line,” another commented

“Your sister should pay to replace your belongings that she stole and got rid of,” a person said

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