Dad outraged by sister’s ‘unacceptable’ birthday present for her children: ‘Never buy animals as gifts’

A father got rid of his daughter’s pets, and now his sister is furious with him. 

He explained what went down on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His sister Amy bought his 7-year-old daughter two guinea pigs without consulting him first. The pets were more hassle than they were worth, so he gave them away. But Amy sees it as a betrayal. 

“My daughter recently celebrated her seventh birthday,” he explained. “My sister Amy decided to, without permission, get my daughter two guinea pigs. Obviously, my daughter latched onto them, so I kept them because I didn’t want to break her heart, although I hate animals. Hundreds were dropped on appropriate food and toys and a cage for them. Then came the issue of bonding with them. Anybody with experience around 7-year-olds knows that they’re obnoxious, and any attempts at holding the animals calmly failed.” 

The father noticed that neither his three children nor his cat could handle raising two guinea pigs.

“My sons were obviously curious about the guinea pigs and accidentally scared them half the time, driving up their stress levels,” the father said. “Then the cat was curious about the new additions too, and not in a positive way. I tried to talk to Amy about it, but according to her, the pigs were my responsibility now. My daughter began to slip on her duties of feeding and giving the pigs water but was understanding when I sat her down about the pigs, and [she] agreed, after some mild tears, that it was best if I found a new home for them. A friend of mine is very experienced with guinea pigs, so he took them. My daughter was happy to learn that she could visit them or have pictures of the guinea pigs sent to her. However, Amy learned of this and is now pissed off at me for ‘breaking my daughter’s trust in me’ and betraying her own trust.” 

Reddit users thought the father did the right thing.

“Let her know she should never buy animals as gifts,” a user said

“Animals are not gifts,” another wrote

“Her actions and words are both completely unacceptable,” someone added

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