Mom-to-be sparks criticism with her ‘tacky’ pregnancy announcement: ‘She deserved to be called out’

A woman’s boyfriend is furious with her after she made a scene at a friend’s engagement announcement.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum. Her friend Sarah threw a party to tell their friend group about her engagement. However, another friend at the event, N, co-opted the moment to announce she was pregnant. The Reddit poster then called N “toxic.” 

“My friend Sarah invited my boyfriend [and] I to a dinner where she announced her engagement,” she explained. “There were many of her closest friends there with their significant others. Once Sarah announced her engagement, everyone was congratulating her and everything. We were stoked and just having a good time. Then Sarah’s other friend, N, announced that she was expecting a baby with her husband. All the attention went on her, and everyone started congratulating her and her husband. I looked towards Sarah and she was silent but looked really upset. I asked her if she allowed N to announce her pregnancy here. Sarah said no but not to worry about it. Her fiancé looked mad but didn’t say anything either.” 

The Reddit poster decided to stand up for Sarah, but it didn’t land well with everyone in the room. 

“I get N’s attention loudly, and everyone looks at me,” the Reddit poster said. “I said, ‘You weren’t given permission to announce your pregnancy here. Sarah and her fiancé gathered everyone here and are paying for our meals. The night is about them… not you. If you wanted a pregnancy announcement dinner, you should have held it on your own time but you wanted to take the attention from Sarah and her fiancé away so badly that you’re ruining their engagement dinner? You’re toxic.’ N and her husband left and it was a bit awkward, but eventually, the dinner went back to normal. When my boyfriend and I got home he said I was an a******.” 

Reddit users thought the poster had a right to tell N off.

“What N did was so tacky, and she deserved to be called out,” a user wrote

“I would be so uncomfortable to hijack an expensive event like that,” another said

“Hijacking someone else’s party is tacky AF,” a person said

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