Teen slams older sister’s husband after babysitting job gone wrong: ‘No one should put up with this type of behavior’

A 17-year-old can’t believe her sister’s husband refused to take care of his own kids

She explained the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her sister is the primary breadwinner and children’s caretaker in the family. The sister had a work emergency and needed the poster to watch the kids one day. To the teen’s surprise, her brother-in-law was there playing video games and refusing to “babysit.” 

“My sister called me saying that her work had an emergency and she needs to get there ASAP and needed me to watch her kids because ‘no one else can.’ I rushed over there just to find her husband locked in his game room playing video games. I asked her why she called me over if he was home, and she said he didn’t want to ‘babysit’ because it was his only day off. [When] I was changing the baby’s diaper and the other kids wanted a snack, I told them to go ask their dad to make them a snack since the baby had a blowout and it was going to take me a while to clean him up. Their dad sent them back upstairs and told them to ask me again. After cleaning the baby up, I made the kids a snack, and their dad came out to eat and told me not to let the kids interrupt him on his day off,” the Reddit poster said

She became fed up with the father’s attitude and called him out. 

“I kind of snapped at him and told him it was MY day off too and that he’s a useless f****** father and husband if his wife has to rely on her teenage sister rather than her own husband,” the teen said. “He started telling me I was disrespectful and didn’t understand how hard parenting is, and I told him he clearly doesn’t understand how hard it is either since he considers parenting his own children ‘babysitting.’ He ended up kicking me out, and apparently my sister was forced to come home because he told her she needed to figure it out since I’m her sister. My sister is saying I need to apologize to him, and he is threatening to never let me into the kids’ lives if I keep disrespecting him.” 

Reddit users were on the teenager’s side. 

“No one should put up with this type of behavior from their partners,” one person wrote

“That guy needs to be kicked to the curb,” another said

“People like him are the reasons men have such a bad name when it comes to parenting,” a user commented

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