Teenager enraged by family’s ‘child-free’ wedding policy: ‘They can’t have it both ways’

A 17-year-old is refusing to babysit the children at her brother’s wedding.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum about the issue. Her brother didn’t invite her to the wedding because no children were allowed. But then he and his fiancée insisted she babysits nine kids overnight during the ceremony. 

“I originally was meant to be a bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding in 2020 but they canceled when my sister-in-law (SIL) found out she was pregnant,” she wrote. “There was no talk of a wedding till two weeks ago when they surprised us by saying they were legally married but will have an official wedding with family and friends at SIL’s aunt’s mansion to save money for the honeymoon. Apparently, the aunt said kids weren’t allowed at her mansion but she’d allow my sister’s daughter (flower girl) and my brother’s baby to be at the ceremony for 20 minutes so they could take pictures than they had to leave or she’d shut down the wedding. They explained since it’s a child-free wedding and I was technically a child (lol) I wouldn’t be allowed to attend anyway. So they decided I’d babysit, along with the bride’s 16-year-old cousin, a total of 9 kids as a way of being involved in the wedding without being there.”

When she confronted the couple about the issue, the family members exploded at each other. 

“I honestly couldn’t speak due to shock till my sister suggested I should take their kids overnight because they’d all be hungover the next day,” the teen explained. “I screamed, NO, NO, NO IM NOT YOUR NANNY DONT ASK ME TO EVER BABYSIT AGAIN EVER F*** YOU AND YOUR KIDS before busting out crying. My parents came into the room demanding to know what happened so I told them and they were pissed. My dad said I wasn’t their slave and he was sick of them treating me as such. My mom said if they even attempt to pressure me in any way to babysit again they wouldn’t pay anything towards the wedding. We all got into a massive fight. My brother told my parents not to go to the wedding and my sister claimed I was the favorite so she isn’t on speaking terms with them either. The wedding ended up being canceled because the other girl wouldn’t babysit alone so no childcare and they were counting on the money from my parents for multiple things.” 

Redditors sided with the teenager on this one.

“They can’t have it both ways. They claim you’re a child so you can’t attend a child-free wedding but you’re adult enough to supervise nine children for days,” someone said

“They didn’t want you to come because they wanted a free babysitter,” another wrote

“They are out of line for expecting you to want to babysit everyone’s kids,” someone commented

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