Teenager infuriates family after accepting grandfather’s $60,000 inheritance check: ‘Don’t give them a dime’

A 19-year-old is refusing to split her inheritance with her sister. 

The teen took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to tell her story. She has taken care of her sick grandfather for six months. The responsibility has put her life on hold. The grandpa rewarded her by giving her $60,000. Now the girl’s mother is forcing her to split it with her sibling who hasn’t helped at all. 

“I have been caregiving for my grandpa with cancer for about six months (unpaid),” she explained. “My life has completely turned around, I should be working a job and making memories with friends. My grandpa realized this and gifted me about $60,000. I was shocked but also felt bad for this sudden money. My mother is the one who gets all his stuff when he dies (house, bank account) and she was very unhappy that I was gifted this.”

Then, her mother made an unreasonable request about what she do with the money. 

“We’ve never gotten along, and she’s always treated me kinda poorly,” the teenager said. “She decided to call all my family and tell them about this transaction. Then [she] tried to manipulate me into giving half to my 24-year-old sister who has never worked a day in her life. I agreed and said ‘as long as she does half the work.’ Ever since, she hasn’t helped me with really anything, going on vacations, etc. while I’m stuck here. I told them that I would no longer give her the rest of the money (already gave her $4500).” 

Redditors thought she had every right to keep the money. 

“Don’t give them a dime,” a person wrote

“You shouldn’t have given them anything,” another said

“Giving money just enables the toxic behavior to continue,” someone stated

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