Teenager frustrated by dad’s ‘selfish’ camping trip plans: ‘You’re in a lose-lose situation’

A teenage boy doesn’t want his father’s girlfriend to go on their camping trip.

The 16-year-old asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. He and his dad have an annual camping trip for guys only. The tradition started when he was five. After his mom and dad split, he spent less time with his dad and was looking forward to the trip. The issue is his father’s girlfriend wants to attend, but she isn’t exactly easy to get along with.

“We have this thing every year with my dad and me where we do a guys’ camping trip,” he wrote. “Ever since I was five. Before my parents split even my mom wouldn’t come cause it was meant [to be] just me and him. We haven’t been spending much time anymore cause he moved further so it’s like every other weekend. He’s been with his girlfriend for three years. I don’t really like her but that’s cause whenever I’m there if we’re not doing something she likes she’s in a bad mood. Doesn’t like going hiking, bike riding, or going to the shooting range but we do. She complains the whole time if we can leave yet. Then it just became doing stuff she likes anytime I’m around them. 

His dad’s girlfriend has bailed from camping in the past so he doesn’t understand why she is desperate to go. 

“Except for our camping trip obviously and I wanna keep it that way,” he explained. “But he is saying she wants to come with us. Literally last camping trip we did in December we had to leave early because she wanted to go home. It’s always been a guys’ only trip too. She knows I don’t want her to go and she has been extra nasty for not accepting her into the family. My dad says he knows our trip matters to me but it would be nice to let her come cause she really wants to.”

Reddit users thought the dad was at fault.

“Your Dad [is] prioritizing his selfish girlfriend’s needs over the needs of his own son,” one person commented

“You’re in a lose-lose situation,” another said

“She sounds awful,” a user wrote

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