Woman stirs controversy with ‘toxic’ behavior toward restaurant waitress: ‘Stop acting like a child’

A man insulted his wife’s close friend over an incident with a restaurant server.

He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. While out to dinner at a crowded restaurant, his wife’s friend was rude to the server. He felt that her behavior was uncalled for. When the friend wouldn’t stop belittling the waitress, he lost his cool. 

“My wife and I met her friend at one of the restaurants in town, and it took only around 30 seconds for said friend to snap at one of the hostesses for not seating us immediately,” he wrote. “There weren’t any clean tables yet, and it took only about two minutes to get a clean table. But even as we sat down, the friend was already rolling her eyes and the hostess and waitress and complaining. It took around 10 minutes to get our drink order in, which again, the restaurant was absolutely packed. We get our food about 20 minutes later. My wife’s friend began to criticize the waitstaff for how long they were taking to do things, and saying things like, ‘I’ve worked in the food industry, you wouldn’t see me making people wait this long for their food and drinks.'” 

But it wasn’t until they were leaving the restaurant that he came to his “tipping point.” 

“I was leaving behind the tip for our waitress,” he explained. “I went higher than usual (somewhere around 55 percent of the bill) because our waitress looked incredibly stressed and tired. The friend, seeing me putting the cash down, asks in a very snarky tone, ‘Why are you tipping at all for such s*** service?’ I should mention that the waitress was standing right there the whole time. I went off on the friend for this, telling her she needs to stop acting like a child and expect everyone to treat her like the center of attention. She seemed to get very embarrassed by this and left the restaurant immediately, and my wife went after her. Later that night, my wife came up to me and said that while, yes, the friend was being obnoxious I shouldn’t have called her out publicly, as I had embarrassed her in front of the whole (packed) restaurant.” 

Reddit users thought the husband was in the right. 

“She sounds like a miserable person just looking for an outlet to be toxic,” one user wrote.  

“I think it was nice for the waitress to see someone standing up for her,” another said

“Thank you for standing up for that waitress!” a person commented

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