Parents stir controversy with punishment for their son’s ‘entitled’ trick-or-treating behavior: ‘What you did was cruel’

A mother wanted to show her son the error of his ways — but her husband disagreed with her methods. 

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum. She and her 9-year-old son went trick-or-treating on Halloween. Her son kept shirking the rules and taking more candy than permitted. Each time she told him to stop, the boy resisted. So the mom decided to punish him.

“My son is 9 years old,” she wrote. “We went trick-or-treating like we usually do, and the night was going well, except when we got to a house that had a bowl of candy sitting on the porch. It said, ‘Take two, please.’ He put his whole hand in there and grabbed about six pieces. Of course, I corrected him and made him put four of them back. [I] explained he needed to leave some for the others. From then on, he had an attitude, and the last straw was when I told him to stop grabbing so much candy from people, and he screamed, ‘No!'”

The mom thought it would be a good idea to teach her son a lesson about greed. 

“We had only been out for about an hour … [but] I took him right on home,” she explained. “[I] took his candy bag, dumped it in a bowl and told him to come to sit outside on the porch with me. He objected, of course, as kids came by and took handfuls of his candy. He complained they were taking too much, and I told him that he shouldn’t have done the same then. His father came home from work [and] asked why [our son] was crying. I explained why. [His father] said it was really cruel to give away the kid’s candy just because he was taking a little too much. I said [our son] needs to learn to not be so greedy. [His father] said I was being a jerk and that I should cut [him] some slack for the one holiday that kids get to pig out. I don’t agree.” 

Redditors weighed in on the wife’s parenting choice. 

“You taught a kid who was acting greedy and entitled a lesson in a way that did not involve screaming at him or doing anything else abusive,” someone commented

“What you did was cruel and unfair,” a user wrote. 

“That sounds like good parenting and a hard lesson learned for your little guy,” another said

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