Woman enraged by boyfriend’s ‘unreasonable’ home-cooking rules: ‘This would be a dealbreaker for me’

A woman can’t believe her boyfriend banned her from cooking onions and garlic. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Her boyfriend doesn’t like the taste or smell of alliums. He refuses to be around it unless he absolutely has to at a restaurant. After the couple moved in together, he banned her from cooking with alliums. The trouble is she loves them. 

“I love garlic, chives, onions, etc,” she said. “All the Alliums and I’m a pretty good cook so I do most of my own cooking. Except my boyfriend hates it. Like he hates everything with any of the Alliums in it. It’s not an allergy but it’s like an aversion. When we didn’t live together it was ok, since he would eat his non-garlic food and I would eat mine. We couldn’t eat out because most restaurants use garlic and he can’t be around it even if he asks the food to be cooked without. Once the chef didn’t put it in but used a pan that had garlic previously and he took a bite, spit it out and went to wash his mouth. I met his family thinking the reason he hates garlic is because they didn’t eat it but nope they all did.” 

One day she cooked with garlic while he was away, but when he came back, he was furious. 

“We moved in a few months ago and now I can’t eat garlic,” she explained. “I can eat it in a restaurant but I’m not allowed to cook it anymore since he can’t stand the smell. It sounds like a tiny thing but none of the food tastes the same afterward. He went kayaking with friends and I cooked chive dumplings and enjoyed every bite. I turned on the stove fan and opened all the windows but he still smelled it and got really angry saying I was so inconsiderate that I couldn’t even avoid the stuff that makes him gag.” 

Reddit users thought the boyfriend was being ridiculous. 

“This dude is being super unreasonable,” one person said

“This would be a dealbreaker for me,” another commented.

“What kind of controlling B.S. is he smoking?” a user stated.

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