Vegan woman outraged by coworker’s ‘horrible’ office party behavior: ‘[She] is bullying you’

A woman refused to eat her coworker’s birthday cake and got in trouble at work. 

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The woman is vegan, and her coworker Bea disapproves. Bea constantly mocks the Reddit poster’s choices. So when Bea baked a birthday cake and claimed it was vegan, the woman refused.

“I am working in an office, and I have a colleague Bea, who routinely makes fun of vegans,” she wrote. “I am vegan, and I never make a fuss about food. I go to the same restaurants as my coworkers during lunch hour, and I can always find myself something to eat without announcing my dietary choices. Bea keeps calling me out on it, though, and she’s very condescending about it. She keeps saying I am just having a phase, and she keeps offering me bites of her lunch that contain cheese and meat.”

Bea then tried to get the Reddit poster to eat something she baked.

“Last week, she brought a homemade cake to the office for her birthday,” the poster said. “When she put a slice down in front of me, I politely thanked her, but I said I can’t eat that. She said the cake is vegan, and she made it specifically so I could eat it. I asked a few questions about the ingredients, and she didn’t check any of them for milk or eggs, so I thanked her again but refused the slice. She made a big scene out of it. She started crying and saying she just wanted to do something nice for me, and now I ruined her birthday. Some colleagues told me not to mind her dramatics, but my boss told me that it was her birthday and I could have given her cooking the benefit of the doubt.” 

Reddit users thought Bea should not have been indulged.

“Bea is bullying you,” one person wrote

“She sounds horrible,” another said.

“No one has to eat anything they don’t want to,” a user commented

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