Vegan mom sparks controversy with ‘insufferable’ dinnertime demand for her son: ‘How entitled can you get?’

A mother was stunned by another child’s parent, who had a strong reaction to her dinner choice. 

The mom consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum for help. She and her husband pre-plan all the family’s meals due to their tight work schedules. When her daughter’s friend wanted to stay for dinner, the meal-planning became an issue. The friend was vegan, and his parent demanded the mom make him a separate vegan dinner. 

“My husband and I have four kids, and I am a television writer/ producer,” the mother explained. “For those who don’t know, that means I work long hours. When a show is filming, I work anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a day; it’s less during writing. My husband is a surgeon, so he also works crazy hours. The key to making it work with such crazy hours and so many kids is PLANNING. I could tell you what we [are] having for lunch on a specific day in a month.

“Yesterday, my 8-year-old daughter asked to have two of her friends come over. I said sure, and they played all day. My husband got called into the hospital, so it was just me and the kids. Her friends were supposed to be picked up before dinner, but she comes and asks me if they could stay for dinner. Since my husband left, and we’d have extra, I said we were having shepherd’s pie, and if they wanted to stay for that, they’d have to call their parents, but it’s OK with me.” 

The issue arose when one of her daughter’s friends was completely vegan

“One of the kids’ moms wanted to talk to me. She asked what we were having for dinner,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I told her shepherd’s pie and a side of cantaloupe. She then told me her family is vegan. I said, I understand, we’ll be eating at 6 p.m., so she can pick him up anytime before then. She then got snippy with me, saying I should just make a vegan recipe so I don’t exclude a little boy.

“I told her I have four children and I can’t cater to her family’s needs. We had been planning on this for dinner for weeks; changing would mess up everything we had planned. She said she was coming to pick up her son right then, and [that] he would never be allowed over again. I feel bad my daughter lost a friend, but I don’t think I was in the wrong.”

Redditors felt the vegan mom was out of line.

“How entitled can you get?” a user wrote

“Why are so many vegans so insufferable?” another commented

“You can’t be expected to cater to someone’s diet at the drop of a hat with no warning,” someone said

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