Woman sparks wedding drama with ‘spiteful’ outfit choice: ‘[It] could ruin her wedding’

A teenager wants to tell her sister that her mom plans on wearing a wedding dress to the sister’s wedding

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The 16-year-old’s older sister is from her dad’s previous marriage. Her half-sister requested the guests wear traditional African attire. The Reddit poster’s mom wants to wear her wedding dress because it fits the theme. 

“Although my siblings and I have always gotten along with her, my mom and [she] have not,” the Reddit poster wrote. “Our side of the family is from Africa, so she requested that all of the women wear traditional clothing from our culture while also fitting her color theme. The only dress my mom has that is traditional attire and matches the theme happens to be the one she wore when she married our dad. My sister wasn’t able to attend the wedding since she was still in college and the wedding was in another country. My mom said that since my older sister wasn’t at the wedding that it wouldn’t matter if she wore the dress.” 

But the Reddit poster thought the mom was making a mistake.

“I told her that I’m sure my older sister has seen photos of the wedding and would recognize the dress,” the Reddit poster said. “She shut me down and insisted on wearing the dress. I offered to go dress shopping with her and even order a new dress and pay for the customs fees to get it shipped, but she’s insistent on wearing her old dress. Also, the wedding dress my mom wants to re-wear is white, and anyone from our culture can easily tell its wedding attire.”

Reddit users thought she should tell her sister even if it causes drama. 

“Your mother is an a******. And a spiteful one at that,” one person commented

“You’re helping your sister not have a bad surprise that could ruin her wedding,” another wrote

“This could be the big thing that ruins her wedding,” a user said

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