Dad-to-be faces backlash for reacting to wife’s dinnertime demands: ‘Get your priorities in order’

A man sided with his mother over his pregnant girlfriend. Now, he’s being called out. 

He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. His girlfriend is on the verge of giving birth, so his mom came to help out. One night the mom insisted on making her dinner, but the girlfriend wanted to cook her own meal. The two had a squabble, but now he expects his girlfriend to apologize to his mom. 

“My girlfriend is 39 weeks pregnant, and my mom has come to town to stay with us, so we have someone to take care of our 3-year-old and cats when we go to the hospital,” he wrote. “My mom is an amazing cook, but admittedly she doesn’t always cook the healthiest because growing up, me and my brother hated vegetables.”

“My mom has cooked dinner for us every night since she got here five days ago, and tonight my girlfriend said she would cook. My mom told her not to worry because she already had it planned. So my girlfriend told her that maybe she could cook for herself, our toddler and me, but my girlfriend needed something specific tonight.”

But when his mom wouldn’t back down, his girlfriend held her ground about dinner. 

“They kind of went back and forth with my mom offering to cook what she wanted until my girlfriend rather rudely said she just wanted to cook for herself tonight,” he explained. “My mom is extremely offended and hurt. My girlfriend is pissed off because she says she needs certain nutrients and foods right now, and she can’t let being polite get in the way of maintaining a healthy diet.”

“I decided to take my mom’s side because she offered to cook my girlfriend what she wanted, and my girlfriend literally ended up just eating boiled green beans and broccoli, which my mom easily could have done. Plus, the baby is already grown, and she takes prenatal vitamins every day, so I felt she was being a bit dramatic. I told my girlfriend I expect her to apologize to my mom.”

Redditors felt like he chose the wrong side in the issue. 

“You, sir, need to get your priorities in order, apologize to your girlfriend and ask your mother to chill with the pushiness,” a person commented.

“You have made a huge mistake here,” another wrote

“Your mum has commandeered the kitchen, and instead of backing up your girlfriend, you’ve reverted back to mama’s little boy. Grow up,” a user said

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