Man stunned by wife’s ‘unacceptable’ location-tracking request: ‘Crazy and controlling’

A man doesn’t understand why his wife blew up at him over his whereabouts. 

He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share his story. One day, his wife became furious after he changed his fishing plans to run errands with a friend. Now she’s requesting he always notify her of exactly where he is. 

“A few days ago I asked my wife if I could go fishing this morning,” he explained. “Today I left to go fishing while my wife went to work. Unfortunately, after an hour of driving to my favorite fishing spot, I find that the river is a complete wash and is too high to go fishing. Not wanting to waste my trip up to the river, I call up a buddy of mine and ask if he wants to kill a couple of hours with me before I head back home since I had some errands to run.”

But when his wife discovered he wasn’t fishing, she lost her cool. 

“After a couple of hours my wife calls me to check on me and see if I caught any fish,” he said. “I tell her the river wasn’t fishable and that I’m grabbing lunch with a friend. She immediately hung up on me. I left to go do my errands then made it home in time to have lunch with my wife like normal. When I arrived home she was absolutely furious that I didn’t tell her I wasn’t fishing and was instead out with a friend. She told me she’s tired of my s*** and wanted me to always take video or pictures wherever I’m at so she knows I’m not lying about my whereabouts. If I’m not able to do that, she wants a divorce.”

Reddit users thought the wife’s behavior was a red flag. 

“There are people who are just crazy and controlling,” a user said

“I’d take her up on that offer for a divorce,” another wrote

“Controlling behavior like this is unacceptable,” a person commented

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